CNC Milling Service

As a progressive Machine Shop we have been aggressive in expanding our CNC Milling Service. Already we are able to handle the some of the most complex small and large parts, as well as simple but precision large parts of our area. We can do simple and complex parts faster and more precise on our state of the art equipment.

Each one of our CNC Milling Machines serves a different need. The Okuma Millac is an excellent precise machine. We are able to take heavy passes and keep a tight tolerance on parts up to 60" Long. In order to utilize the machine's capabilities to the fullest we have gotten very creative in utilizing the 4th Axis Rotary Table.

The Big Zayer Machine is a very useful machine. It is excellent in it's flexibility handling many different parts, and set-ups. This machine can handle parts up to 154" Long.

The newest addition to our CNC Milling Service is the brand new Okuma Genos Milling Center. This state of the art machine is capable of handling parts up to 40" long with extreme precision and speed. With the combination of the large and precise Okuma Millac and the speedy and precise Okuma Genos we are able to machine hard and tough materials such as tool steels, hardened stainless steels and titanium. The ability to take heavier passes and work at a fast pace has allowed us to be very competitive in our pricing and lead time.

CNC Milling Services Capabilities

Okuma Genos 560V one of the first in the US<br>Travel x-40 in. y-20 in. z-20 in. with full 4-Axis Capabilities
Okuma Genos 560V
Brand New
Travel x-40", y-20", z-20".
A great fast machine capable of heavy-duty, precise milling in all materials, with full 4-axis capabilities.
Brand New

Okuma Millac Vertical Milling Center<br>Travel x-60 in. y-30 in. z-30 in. with 4th axis.

Okuma Millac VMC
Travel x-60", y-30", z-30", with 4th axis.
Great for Complex Precise Milling.

Zayer Horizontal/Vertical CNC Mill<br>Travel x-157 in. y-40 in. z-60 in.

Zayer Horizontal/Vertical CNC Mill
Travel x-157", y-40", z-60".
Large Precision CNC Milling.

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