3298 Holes .136 in. dia. <br>Cast Iron Gear Box machined from start to finish on our Devlieg Boring Mill 3298 Holes .136 in. dia. <br>Large Cylinder machined on our Poreba Lathe 3298 Holes .136 in. dia. <br>Large Honed cylinder drilled and milled on Reiden Machine

Large Machining Provider
Since 2001

We began the business providing General Machining services to Central New Jersey. These days Large Machining has become our core focus. Most of everything we do is large including Large Lathe Work, and Large Milling. We have also expanded the area of service, we now cover all of the United States, and Canada.

Our machining work ranges greatly, and over the past decade we have done thousands of different parts. Our strength lies in our flexibility, and the creativity with which we approach the tough parts.

In order to compete in our industry, we have had to become experts in making all types of parts in all types of materials. Our expertise lies in:

Stainless Steel Machining
4140/4340 Machining
Aluminum Machining
Cast Iron Machining
Fabricating and Weldment Machining
Hard Tool Steel Machining

Over the years we have done all type of parts large and small, and only rarely do we have to refuse a quotation.

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