Small to Large Precision Turning Services

Here at Zala Machine Co., Inc. our roots lie in simple manual machining. From the beginning this included both small and large manual Precision Turning. We can do small simple and complex parts on our Victor and Ikegai lathes as well as large heavy duty parts on our Tur and Poreba lathes.

Over the years we have done many different parts both simple and very complex. We make a lot of different parts such as flanges, shafts, rings, housings, adapters and others. Whatever your part requires we are confident that we can handle it.

A big part of the success of our manual machining lies in our experienced workforce. Most of our machinists have decades of experience and know their way around these machines like few others.

Precision Turning Capabilities

Victor Lathe<br>20 in. Diameter Turning Capacity 40 in. Long.

Victor Lathe
20" Diameter Turning Capacity, 40" Long.
Great little Lathe, Ideal for Small Precise Turning.

Ikegai Lathe<br>20 in. Diameter Turning Capacity 60 in. Long.

Ikegai Lathe
20" Diameter Turning Capacity, 60" Long.
Great for Medium Sized Turning.

Tur Lathe<br>26 in. Diameter Turning Capacity 160 in. Long.

Tur Lathe
26" Diameter Turning Capacity, 160" Long.
Very Precise, great for large precise work.

Poreba Lathe <br>43 in. Diameter Turning Capacity 170 in. Long.

Poreba Lathe
43" Diameter Turning Capacity 170" Long-with Taper Attachment.
Very Tough and Great at Heavy-Duty Turning.

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