Our core business philosophy relies on CNC precision machining as its corner stone.  Every part we make here at Zala Machine. we do with the utmost precision to ensure proper fit with any mating part.  We regularly hold tolerances under .0005" on diameters and features in all types of materials.  We understand that precision is not only measured in tolerances but also in overall quality.  The precision we strive for in our parts dictates our overall business model.  

Over the years we have machined and developed procedures for many different parts.  Some of these parts are what we call our Specialty Services.  


These are some of the more difficult services that we have made our bread and butter.  We can be very competitive on these specialty Services that few machine shops offer.  With each service we use the CNC Precision Machining mindset, and keep to strict quality guidelines ensuring precision every time.  Each of these services we offer in small quantities up to large production runs.  

At our shop in beautiful Somerset County New Jersey we offer many types of CNC machining from simple to complex.  We strive to be a complete one stop shop for your machining goods.  We are not limited to our specialty CNC services we do many types of CNC machining.  

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