Facilities List

CNC Machining

CNC Milling

Okuma Genos 560V

Brand NewTravel x-40″, y-20″, z-20″.A great fast machine capable of heavy-duty, precise milling in all materials, with full 4-axis capabilities.

Okuma Millac VMC

Travel x-60″, y-30″, z-30″, with 4th axis.Big Heavy Duty machine, great for roughing and big part machining. Capable of handling parts up to 26″ in the 4th-axis

Zayer Horizontal/Vertical CNC Mill

Travel x-157″, y-40″, z-60″.Large Precision CNC Milling.

CNC Turning

Daewoo Turning Center

20″ Diameter Turning Capacity-54″ Long.Great for Very Precise Turning.Large and Small Quantities.

Manual Machining


Poreba Lathe

43″ Diameter Turning Capacity 170″ Long-with Taper Attachment. Very Tough and Great at Heavy-Duty Turning.

Tur Lathe

26″ Diameter Turning Capacity, 160″ Long. Very Precise, great for large precise work.

Tur Lathe

26″ Diameter Turning Capacity, 120″ Long. Very handy machine perfect for what we consider medium size work. Precise and effective.

Ikegai Lathe

20″ Diameter Turning Capacity, 60″ Long. Great for Medium Sized Turning.

Victor Lathe

20″ Diameter Turning Capacity, 40″ Long. Great little Lathe, Ideal for Small Precise Turning.


Devlieg Boring Mill

Travel x-96″, y-40″, z-70″. Used for Heavy-Duty Milling and Boring.

Reiden Horizontal/Vertical Mill

Travel x-86″, y-28″, z-45″. Very flexible machine, great for precise work.

Cincinnati Mill

Travel x-84″, y-15″, z-35″. Very Tough Milling Machine. Great at Heavy-Duty Roughing.

2-Bridgeport Series 2 Mills

Travel x-54″, y-14″, z-15″. Very flexible and precise machines.


Sunnen MBB 1660 Horizontal

Capable of Honing from .060″ to 2.0″ Dia. 10″ Long. Excellent Honing Machine for the smallest of the small.

2-Sunnen MBB 1803 Horizontal

Honing from 3/4″ Dia. to 2″ Dia. 16″ Long.

Sunnen SV-10 Vertical Programmable Hone

Capable of Honing 1/2″ to 18″ Dia. 12″ Long. Excellent Machine that produces superb finish and tolerance.

Sunnen HTH4000 Tube Hone

Honing from 1/2″ to 26″ ID-156″ Long.This Machine achieves a great finish and tight tolerance in long tubes and pipes.


Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder

Capable of Grinding 24″ x 8″ x 12″ High.

Large Surface Grinder

Capable of Grinding 14″ x 60″ Long x 13″ High.


Small Gundrill Machine

Capable of Drilling .125″ to .500″ Diameter 12.0″ deep.

Large Gundrill Machine

Capable of Drilling from 5/16 in. to 4 in. diameter 96 in. deep.